Raquel Onsurez

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Yes, I’m Raquel. I’m the only female in a house full of 5 males, including 3 young sons, an awesome husband and a little furry guy named Chewie. It makes for a wild noisy house at times but in the craziness, there’s lots of love.

In my free time, you can likely find me taking the kids out to a local nature park or exploring one of the great trails we have here in Oregon. Being outdoors has always been something that fills me up and keeps me grounded. As a teen long walks through town with friends were some of my best memories.

I’ve worked in the medical field for nearly 10 years. I love the opportunity to meet new people and getting to learn about the different experiences people have in their lives. I love indulging in a good self-improvement audiobook as I am always open to working on my character and finding new tips and tricks to enjoy life and live less stressed. I strive to keep a more optimistic and grateful look on life.