Our big why

Empowering Interviews of Phenomenal Females about life, business and womanhood.

We know that there are so many women fighting silent battles and winning them. I suspect this is something we have learned as a culture. To downplay or minimize what we get done and not really take the credit for being some of the big game changers in life and business. It’s time to share these stories to help and empower women to continue moving forward. We want you to step into that power and own this moment! We hope that through these stories you will get the courage to improve yourself or make big changes in life. It is totally possible to be the best version of yourself!

There is also the art of a good old fashion conversation. Having those conversations that are deep and intense, that create the roadmap for success. And Success covers such a wide range. It can cover the simplest forms and or be financially speaking. These are the roadmaps that go in depth and explain the who, the what but most importantly the how. It’s not uncommon to see people afraid to share to secrets to success. It’s changing now. The more that we could share the better humans we could be. It’s getting easier to share that knowledge through all the different platforms, podcast, google the internet. We want to retain a little bit of that lost conversation. These aren’t episodes where we will be speaking at you with one point of view. These are conversations with phenomenal women.

As an assault survivor, I knew that I had two options in life. I could stay mad at the world for the injustice or I could own my current space and live an amazing life. Which one do you think I chose? I’m so proud of all the things that I have accomplished in life and it’s taken a lot of work to gracefully own those. On the contrary going through challenges and injustice encouraged me to have endurance and grit.

This podcast was born to share these stories. In life and business entertainment to inspire change, enlightenment in the movement and ownership of our current space. Join us! Are you ready?