Alicia Vazquez

Empowering Interviews of Phenomenal Females about life, business and womanhood.

Hey there! My name is Alicia Vazquez and I’m the founder of Feme-grit. It’s been on my radar and we’ve been preparing for some time.  You know when things in life begin to align and what you are meant to accomplish becomes super clear? That’s where we are right now.  My goal is to inspire women to live with courage and clarity by sharing interviews of women who have been there done that. You’ll hear from women from all walks of life.

I’ll start with the three words to describe me, courageous, relentless & authentic.   I’m an assault survivor but that’s not where my story begins.  It began when I claimed my right to have an amazing future and appreciate the present.  When I decided that no person or tragic life moment ever deserved to own my current space.   Change happens when you blow past your fears and take a stand to make a difference.  It not only changes our lives but also helps others.

I’ve realized that no matter how hard you try to avoid conflict in life, life sometimes has its own agenda.  Ultimately, once we realize we can only control our actions and perception it allows us to ACCOMPLISH more.  I’m at the point where I just want to be my authentic self with no concerns of stressing about if I’m whatever mold people think I need to be.  The old me would have tried super hard to fit in.  But I feel that you have to be authentic with yourself and others. Those that get you will stick around. Those that don’t, won’t and that’s a good thing really.  It’s part of building an authentic tribe and life that you love.

I’m a mama to 2 teens, a 10-year-old and a 4-pound fur baby that’ll melt your heart. I want to teach my kids by example that they can achieve almost anything if they have an action plan and grit. We love to Kayak at Trillium Lake, visit PDX during the weekends for Boxer Ramen.  We hike, bike, snowboard in Bend or Mt. Hood and love to visit small cool towns on the weekends.  My main squeeze Alex and I keep our love alive with date nights. It’s part of keeping a strong marriage bond, making that time to connect without the kids.  We’ve been lucky to travel out of the country together to keep our passion alive.

I have a long history of working in the arts and being involved with the community. I had a career in broadcast on radio and television. It’s the goal I made as a survivor.  It’s a satisfying feeling to cross that off my bucket list. I was the on-air spokesperson on a Latin radio show La Preciosa appeared on Telemundo, Univision, Mitsubishi Commercials, Newspaper, Billboards and Hosted a TV show called the Zone.

I own Ravishing Photography a portrait company in Sherwood, Oregon. I love it because I work with people and connect on a personal level. I’m extroverted at heart so I love to be around people. But it also feels good going against the grain. Nowadays, almost all images are in digital format and most kids miss out on the opportunity to hold pictures in their hands.  We focus on printing on archival materials made to last one hundred years. You can check out my portrait work at

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Adios, Ciao, Sayonara😍