Creating a Small Workout Space at Home

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Creating a Small Workout Space at Home

I went down fighting when I had to give up my gym membership. The gym gives me an uninterrupted focused workout time. In fact, I had two for variety. I really miss group dance classes the most.

No Gym, No Problem

After a few weeks of being overwhelmed and trying to wrap my head around the fact that we were in a pandemic, I figured out that I had to keep my workout time going for my physical and emotional well being.  So, I swapped my gym for workouts at home and outdoor hikes.

Since almost everyone is working and schooling from home it’s hard to get some privacy around here.  We don’t have the space to create a complete workout room right now but I did manage to find a good enough area to workout in, in one of the bedrooms.   

Here are some of the things that will help you create a small workout space from home.

If you could use a room that has a door, that will help give you a little privacy.  It’s easier to get interrupted or distracted if you do this in a common area but if it’s not possible it’s okay.  I chose a bedroom with enough floor space on the side and front of the bed to dance, do yoga, or hand weights.  Decluttering the room and making sure that everything has a place where it belongs will make working out more comfortable.  I tend to only keep or purchase items that I absolutely love, that have no if and’s or butts.  I do a quick 10-minute pickup to clear things that are out of place before I get started.  When I haven’t done that I notice that I’m very agitated during my workout.

I keep a few staples in the room ready to go.  A good boombox, a timer and a couple workout playlist set the mood.  I also got this small fan from Home Goods to get a breeze circulating.  They keep these in stock every year around summer.  I love it because it does the job and looks good.  We have AC but it makes all the difference to add a fan.

This room has wood floors so I did choose neoprene weights to protect my floors. Weights are hard to come by since many people are making workout spaces at home. I did check some out online but found that many of the off brands had bad reviews of them breaking in half or they were out of stock and expected in months away.  I went into Dick’s Sporting Goods for mine.  They do have a limit of selling 2 weights per weight class for each customer. So I did two easy 3-pound weights, two mid-10-pounds, and two 15-pound weights.

Marshalls had a few of the other odds and ends like two five-pound ankle weights, a yoga mat, and a ball. They can be tucked away under the bed, out of sight and out of mind when not in use.  Do you have a small space you can use for working out?  I would love to see it!  Send pics or email