Girls Back Country Backpacking Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

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Girls Back Country Backpacking Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

Raquel used reverse psychology to get me to go backcountry backpacking.  If you don’t know… it’s when you take everything you need to camp out on your backpack and hike to your location.  We thought this would inspire you to try something new.

What is one thing that you brought with you that made you feel safe?  I got a knife that hung on a necklace for quick easy access.  We took bear spray.

What is one thing you forgot to do? Bring a spoon! We were so focused on the important things we both forgot a spoon.  It’s not the end of the world if you don’t bring it but when you’re hungry and you have to wait for someone to eat…it sucks.  

What are some of the important items needed for backpacking?  The bag was really important.  It was a sturdy bag and it was really comfortable and a good quality sleeping bag that is light weight.  When you’re getting ready for a backpacking trip, borrow as many things as you can except the shoes.  Those have to fit you just right.  When we did this hike I took waterproof Sorel boots aka hunger game shoes.  I wore thick wool socks and it made them tight. So the shoes are super important because every step will be terrible if they don’t fit well.

What were your biggest fears?  Originally we were going to a place with grizzly bears but since we changed the plans I would say I was more afraid of a crazy person.  Realistically everyone here in Oregon is hiking for fitness and cool but every now and then you hear those crazy stories.  We took pepper spray and Tasers and felt like we were pretty safe.

What is something you would have done differently? Probably made it longer.  I couldn’t get any sleep. Lightening the load on my backpack.

Pop Quiz:  What is your favorite podcast right now?  Crime Junkies is with two chicks talking about real crime stories. I listen to a lot of those and they got me paranoid so I had to take a break.    The Moth is story telling podcast with regular people and my friend told me about Everything is Alive.  It talks about inaminate objects and you use your imagination a lot.  What’s your bad song that you feel guilty that your listening too but you like it anyway?  Mine is by Lizzo Truth Hurts.  Jesse Reyes is Dear Yessy.  What book are you reading?  I’m not reading a book.  The universe has your back in audiobook.   Start with why.

What are some things that were in your backpack that you needed?  Something to start a fire.  A lightweight flashlight.  A compass, first aid kit, allergy stuff, mosquito spray.  

What is something someone else did that you thought it would have been nice for you to do?  Bring my own tent.  It was nice to share but I feel like I missed out on the experience. I like that you weighed your backpack.   They say it is only supposed to weight 15% of your weight.  I’m glad someone brought a speaker.  That was fun! What was your favorite part?  It was dancing! It was so much fun.  What did you learn from this trip?  Not to be afraid of trying something new and if we needed to survive out in the wildness we could totally do it.


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