Are you craving a sense of community? Mix it up with Dance Fitness.

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Are you craving a sense of community? Mix it up with Dance Fitness.

Brenda Carlson

503 Dance Fitness Instructor Sherwood, Oregon

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have been teaching dance fitness for 8 years.  I spend most of my time teaching dance classes.  It became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be a rocket because I started dance late.  I mourned that when I was younger.  A friend kept asking me to join her for a dance class and I finally did it and fell in love with dance again.  

My mother used to tell me, “This passion that you have is not an accident.” Dance came into my life in a way I never thought it could.  It fills my soul and builds a sense of community. 

I was a late dancer. Started in high school. I fell in love with dance even though I didn’t know what I was doing.

What does group dance do for the community?  I think it builds community in a unique way.  It brings people from different backgrounds, ages and income levels.  Community shouldn’t be about bringing people together just because they look alike.

What are some of the dilemmas women have when contemplating dance?

Fear, maybe because we think we have to jump high.  It can be intimidating.  A lot of people think about what they can’t do.  But if they will push past that they will find that it’s not true. Dance is for everybody.  

Our pop quiz featured talk about the Post Malone Wild video, singing and dancing in the shower.

Sometimes we need to stop looking around at what we look like in the mirror and just show up. We each have something different to share with each other. To compare ourselves to others is a waste of time. 

How do we get better at dance?  You show up! Show up when you have the sniffles or your tired and you don’t want to get to the gym.  The hardest part is putting on your shoes and getting there.  You will get better if you show up. 

Dancing is always a process. It’s something you never arrive at. You should only compete with yourself. Anybody can learn to dance.  


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