What do your clients really need? Do you know?

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What do your clients really need? Do you know?

Mary Czarnecki Is a Marketing Consultant and Yale Graduate. She has worked with big corporations like Google, WebMD and Target. Do you know your clients really want? She shares secrets that big companies are using to listen to their customers.This is perfect for small business owners.

We would love to get to know you a little better. You’re from Jersey, how does Jersey differ from Oregon?
• After living in Oregon for nearly 11 years, what strikes me most when I go back to visit my parents in NJ is how crowded it is! So many people – so little space! I also notice how much more friendly everyone is in Oregon.
You also went to Yale. What was that like?
• I went to Yale for Grad School and did a Joint Degree (MBA from School of Management and Master of Environmental Management from School of Forestry and Environmental Studies). It was a bit of a “dual life” as the cultures are so different at the two schools – but was great for me, since both of those aspects (the analytical, geeky MBA and also the crunchy, outdoors lover) are part of who I am!

What is your big why?
• I think I put this in the application – but I have a BHAG (big hairy ass goal) of helping 1000 business owners grow the business of their dreams so they can each in turn help 1000 ideal clients with their area of expertise, in turn, improving their lives! That would mean that I had at least a partial impact on improving the lives of 1,000,000 people and their families!

What is the biggest struggle you notice with marketing when it comes to small businesses?
• Many small business owners are AMAZING at their thing – their zone of genius – their area of expertise – but often than THING isn’t marketing. It’s hard to be thinking about marketing your business and working ON your business when you’re so into the day to day of working IN your business.

What is one of the best ways to grow a relationship with your audience?
• Listen to them! After 20 years in corporate marketing, I’ve spent countless hours behind one way mirrors in focus groups listening to consumers – why? Because the big brands know that’s where the gold is – in the voice of their customers. It’s essential to really take the time to listen and understand the people we hope to serve with our businesses when we’re creating content, messaging, products and offers! Any great relationship is built on understanding and listening to the other person. It’s the same for marriage – and for business!

What are some of the benefits of listening more?
• Tactically – it makes it SO much easier to create content – you can actually use their words! It also allows you to stop wasting time trying to create and sell offers that your audience doesn’t really want!

What are big brands doing that we can do a smaller scale to listen to our customers?
• Market research and test marketing are BIG ideas that many small businesses don’t take advantage of… also looking outside our own market and niche for inspiration!

What is a simple way for to get customer feedback?
• Yes – I recommend everyone set the expectation up front that you would like their input and feedback! Also – follow up – make sure to ask for feedback and input before, during and after your engagement with the customer or client. It don’t have to be hard – a few simple questions – and always a thank you! Make them feel like they are being heard and listened to – not that this is something that is just a WIN for you!

Why is it important to get the good the bad and the ugly feedback?
• One of the core essential elements of my 7 part Audience Profile is understanding their dissatisfactions – because if you don’t address them, someone else will!

What is one life lesson you think the world should know?
• You have immense value. Your expertise, your unique approach – YOU – can change someone’s life – but you’re missing that opportunity if your message is ignored.

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