Self Regulate Worry with Joyful Play

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Self Regulate Worry with Joyful Play

 Self Regulate Worry with Joyful Play

CRISSY DAY with Yoga Sprout Studio

Show Notes:

Find joy and a sense of play even when times are hard with yoga. When she noticed that she was losing herself in a domestic abusive relationship she started to do small things to increase her worth and get the courage to ask for help.  It catapulted her into a yoga career, where she has been working with children, adults, and families teaching them to introduce mindful play.

Noticing that she began to lose herself, her dreams and friendships, she knew that needed to change.    It took a mind shift to get out of that relationship. The mind shift started with small habit changes.  It didn’t happen overnight.  She started to leave for work a little early for a cup of coffee, and make time for herself. 

Being alone was her biggest fear.  She felt guilt and blame but she realized that those were not valid fears.  It’s natural to want to run from our fears but facing just being alone was the most powerful healing she could have ever had.  She found out how amazing it was to be alone, learned how to quite her mind.  It led to positive people coming into her life. 

How did she channel the worry into something positive?  She balanced the fear with joy.  We can use the energy from fear and instead channel it into a positive.  The practice of yoga grounded her. 

She shares a breathing technique to help you relax by sending the breath lower like a newborn baby. In through the nose, out through the mouth with a slow belly breathe.  You can practice it anywhere.  Breath in a happy thought, like anything that makes you feel good.

Kids are more likely to be more mindful after class.  They get a chance to listen, relax and rest.  Find a connection that your child is interested in to get them interested in yoga. She also gives tips on how to let kids explore their creativity with yoga. Grown-ups need joyful play too.

She had her life mapped out but realized that she was worth making the change to begin again.  That it’s okay to redo things.  When things aren’t working, there is a chance to do it another way.  There is always a new beginning around the corner and we don’t need to be locked into a certain path.

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