Conquering Big Things with Small Steps

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Conquering Big Things with Small Steps

Megan Franco Fox03 Sauna + Wellness in Sherwood Oregon

We dubbed her the Charlize Theron look alike for her gorgeous profile pic!  Tune in for an amazing story of determination even with fear of loss and not knowing what the future held. It is about conquering big things like child Leukemia, divorce, risk of foreclosure with small steps of hope that led to healing, vacations, family bonding, and lasting friendships.

Coming to crossroads after many years of marriage was very difficult.  

She became a single mother and entered the workforce, which made her feel like she had it down. When her youngest son was just 5 years old she got some life changing news.  They survived 3 years of intense treatment. 

During the first year of shock and as a possible form of self-preservation, she followed every piece of advice that she was given for treatment.  She did feel helpless and then realized she had to do something to help her son. She began doing everything she could do on the outside of her sons body to keep him comfortable. Beginning with things that were easy and safe like essential oils. While she doesn’t know if they were a Placebo or if they helped or not, her son was excited to have his own rollerball.   She also bought an infrared sauna and put it in her living room but waited until he was done with treatment to help with his muscle pain.  What it quickly turned into was time for her to have a little self-care.

*Disclaimer we are not trained medical professionals. Please seek professional medical advice when looking into conventional or holistic treatments.

She learned so much about friendships.  There were so many people who came out of the woodwork she had never even met.  She realized that some people don’t know how to respond to traumatic experiences but understood that they didn’t want to bother her with things that seemed insignificant.  She talks about what you could do to support a friend going through something like this.  Sometimes, it’s the little things like just coming around.  We went over dealing with unsolicited advice.

A lot of it is just out of our control.  This taught her to begin living differently with different intentions.  Every milestone was a big deal.  None of us are promised tomorrow and you have to start doing things. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control.  She shares the perfect way to celebrate the end of the treatment.  Spend the money and take a trip to make memories. Think of small things to move forward. Procrastination is a different form of fear.  She talks about the adjustments of everything being fine. She’s open about PTSD. Once life was more stable it started settling in she had fears of Sawyer getting sick.  For her to think about it everyday is the worse thing she could do.    

She did get remarried. Saved the house from foreclosure. Her boys are doing well.  She opened up a new business and is bringing Infrared Saunas to the community.  

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