Who’s running the show?

Empowering Interviews of Phenomenal Females about life, business and womanhood.

Who’s running the show?

Alicia and Raquel get raw and personal.

Peek into the lives of the voices behind the mics! We go over the passion behind the idea to start this podcast. We share the purpose and content of our show and how we want to inspire women to move forward.

Who inspires us? We talk about hoping to one-day meet Ellen Degeneres. What drives us to be better people every day? We tell breakthroughs stories and wake up moments. Though we are sisters and have gone through similar backgrounds we have very different ideas and perspectives on life.

We go over short and long-term goals, public speaking and hiking the PCT. We talk about our values and the lessons we want our children to carry with them into adulthood. There’s a random pop quiz in the episode where we ask fun questions like our favorite music, foods and bucket list. Find our favorite hang out spots in Portland like Marrakesh or Boxer Ramen.

Keep in touch with us, say hello! Find us at www.Feme-grit.com

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