How to not let the idea of perfection prevent you from getting started with our guest Sally Keasler with Mama-te-a.

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How to not let the idea of perfection prevent you from getting started with our guest Sally Keasler with Mama-te-a.

Interview with Sally Keasler

How to not let the idea of perfection keep you from getting started

In our interview with Sally Keasler, she shares wisdom from her many years as a serial entrepreneur. Her life as an entrepreneur started with a perfumery business. She has a passion for helping others see how they can live their best life and make their contribution to the world. She has a small educational group called “Gather and Grow Together”, she also leads nutritional classes, as well as personal development classes. Her current project is an Organic tea company.

Sally a self pro-claimed pragmatist, grew up with a father who was a businessman and mother who was a secretary. She grew up going to boarding school, she describes it as Harry Potter style with uniforms in a creepy old mansion. She gained a lot of independence and exposure to other students from all over the world. Traveling was one of her best childhood memories.

Give us a time when you felt fear and went for something anyway?

Sally took over a perfumery shop when she had no background as a dermatologist or in skin care. She realized quickly ingredients where being put into a​ ​product that she didn’t stand behind. “At the beginning when you start something you don’t need to know it all.”

Why is it bad to constantly second guess ourselves?

Sally gives a story about her rebellion that may have pushed her to become a fighter pilot. She goes through her story and the process of trying to find her motives. Was she just trying to prove others wrong or was she really being honest with herself. She also gives her experience trying to bring up an organic tea company even though she is not an expert in this area. She gives examples of how to build confidence through trial and error. “Are you or are you not being true to yourself?”

Why is it important not to look for other’s approval on measuring yourself self-worth​?

Sally talks about finding our worth in ourselves and not relying on others to fulfill that need to feel worthy. “The very word itself​,self-worth means it comes from yourself.”

How can we enjoy the present moment without waiting for the “I’ll be happy when moment?”

Sally speaks about the danger of not living in the now and how to remember to enjoy the present moment. The lack of nurturing relationships now and not caring for them can have long term effects.

What are things we can change about our mindset?

Sally gives us examples of the stories we make up in our heads about fear and how we can focus on the present moment. “Accept that the unknown is okay, just sit with that.”

Right now Sally shares a passion for skiing all over the world with her husband while growing her Organic Tea Company called Mama-Te-a.

You can check out Sally’s newest creation on Facebook at Mama-Te-a!

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