Feme-Grit Ladies Dance Party Launch

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Feme-Grit Ladies Dance Party Launch

It’s finally here! We’re super excited because we finally have the official launch date! We are ready to celebrate empowering stories with a little bit of dance.

So heres the deal dancing is fun and I don’t know how much you get to do it but I have to get my fix at the Y’s 503 Cardio Groove each week. While I know a lot of you have your significant other we know how nice it is just to dance without getting all weird about it. Plus, our audience is women, so we’re making it a girls night. No ones worried about any giggly parts because we’re getting jiggy with it. No competition here, just clean fun!

What to wear? So you know our logo colors are blue and purple so we gotta add some sparkle with that. So wear your most sparkly or sequin outfit to enter for a giveaway. We’re also making a cool backdrop for pictures, so get ready to grab a prop and strike a pose.

Join us for appetizers and drinks. 21 and over only please. We want ya’ll to have a fun, safe stress free night.

We’ll have a few of the ladies we have interviewed here and no we won’t be listening to the podcast! Hahahaha

Official Launch Date: April 27th, 2019.

Join us at 17620 SW Ballard Lane, Sherwood, Oregon 97140.

April 27th at 7pm

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