Welcome! Official launch date TBA 2019

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Welcome! Official launch date TBA 2019

Update: Feb 27th, 2019

Hello there beauties!

We are so excited because we are getting closer to launching our podcast. It has been in the works for what seems like forever. Little did I know that we were going to have so many steps for a successful launch.

During this process we have gained a few titles, one is Producers. Looking for new inspiring content is critical because we want this to be fresh content that comes from real life. It almost seems like nowadays there is so much recycled content going around and we don’t want to give you the same stuff you hear every where else. Don’t get me wrong Raquel and I are avid podcast enthusiast. I love that we can listen and improve our minds while doing other things. But we want these topics to hit you in the heart and inspire change.

Creative Designers, Artist, Music Production and Sound Editors. Seriously, we are also doing the website ourselves and we are not web designers. Not even close! But all of the creative stuff. Our logo design and even the music mix yup! US. I don’t know if I should be so open with you. Yes, I know we should be hiring this out, like we don’t want to, but we’re two sisters trying to make a difference in the world. Working our tails off before the sun rises and after the sunsets. Eventually, we want to get it to the point where we have sponsors that see eye to eye with our values and would love to support this movement. This includes the editing (*&^% Sigh) hard as heck! Using Garageband and learning Audacity oh my word!!! Our first episode had to be recorded 3 times! That’s okay though because that’s what it takes to learn and improve and we are getting this show on the road!

Marketing and Writing: All of this juicy content well honestly writing about this is the easy part because we have a driving force behind it. We know that ultimately we want to create something that will help and inspire women and when you have a good reason to do something it’s easy to. The tough part is making the time, but don’t worry, we are all in for the long haul. All the other things like Instagram and Facebook again those are kinda requirements for any business and we are on those too. They may look a little shabby right now because…hey a girls gotta start somewhere! So if you want to follow the Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/feme.grit/ and the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Feme-Grit-Podcast-1134963293349600/. join the FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/380826392671833/

The launch plan: We having officially already begun recording the episodes but you know we want the first 90 days to be successful. So we’ve done our research and research suggest that it’s best to launch with 3 episodes and build up marketing for it. So, we are giving it our best shot. All I can say is we are closer than ever! Two of them are complete and the 3rd is in the works! High Five!

Thanks Ladies!

Your friend Alicia Vazquez

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  1. We are busy prepping for the launch. Getting together all the juicy interviews for the big day! Do you have a story that needs to be told. Write an email to info@ravishingphotography.com to be considered. We need name, email, contact info and a summary of your story.

    Take Care

    Alicia Vazquez
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