Empowering interviews with phenomenal females about life, business, and womanhood.

Empowering Interviews of Phenomenal Females about life, business and womanhood.

Girls Back Country Backpacking Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

Raquel used reverse psychology to get me to go backcountry backpacking.  If you don’t know… it’s when you take everything you need to camp out on your backpack and hike to your location.  We thought this would inspire you to try something new. What is one thing that you brought with you that made you feel safe?  I…
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Are you craving a sense of community? Mix it up with Dance Fitness.

Brenda Carlson 503 Dance Fitness Instructor Sherwood, Oregon Tell us a little bit about yourself? I have been teaching dance fitness for 8 years.  I spend most of my time teaching dance classes.  It became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be a rocket because I started dance late.  I mourned that when I was younger.  A…
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What do your clients really need? Do you know?

Mary Czarnecki Is a Marketing Consultant and Yale Graduate. She has worked with big corporations like Google, WebMD and Target. Do you know your clients really want? She shares secrets that big companies are using to listen to their customers.This is perfect for small business owners. We would love to get to know you a…
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The Plan to Reach Your Goals

We’re talking about the things you want to do at your core. How do you know which goals you can get done? I set some big goals like doing TV/ radio work and running marathons. Everyone should be able to accomplish their goals and not just dream about them. Tune in for a step-by-step approach…
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Self Regulate Worry with Joyful Play

 Self Regulate Worry with Joyful Play CRISSY DAY with Yoga Sprout Studio Show Notes: Find joy and a sense of play even when times are hard with yoga. When she noticed that she was losing herself in a domestic abusive relationship she started to do small things to increase her worth and get the courage…
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Conquering Big Things with Small Steps

Megan Franco Fox03 Sauna + Wellness in Sherwood Oregon We dubbed her the Charlize Theron look alike for her gorgeous profile pic!  Tune in for an amazing story of determination even with fear of loss and not knowing what the future held. It is about conquering big things like child Leukemia, divorce, risk of foreclosure with…
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Who’s running the show?

Alicia and Raquel get raw and personal. Peek into the lives of the voices behind the mics! We go over the passion behind the idea to start this podcast. We share the purpose and content of our show and how we want to inspire women to move forward. Who inspires us? We talk about hoping…
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How to not let the idea of perfection prevent you from getting started with our guest Sally Keasler with Mama-te-a.

Interview with Sally Keasler How to not let the idea of perfection keep you from getting started In our interview with Sally Keasler, she shares wisdom from her many years as a serial entrepreneur. Her life as an entrepreneur started with a perfumery business. She has a passion for helping others see how they can…
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Behind the scenes info and prep.

Sheesh seriously forever is what it took to get a solid launch date and I’ll tell you why. Our episodes are by no means perfect but we did want to put all the effort we could to give you a decent show. We also crossed paths with a few amazing humans along the way. A…
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Travel Notice: Maui Hawaii

We will be in Maui Hawaii the week of April 10th – April 17, 2019 and we are looking for our next guest. Any of you mamas out there wanting to share the love with your story? Looking for our next inspiring story. Contact Alicia at (503) 724-8711